The Bach Youth Choir

The Bach Youth Choir of the Evangelic Lutheran Church A.C. (Honterusgemeinde) was founded in 1993 by Eckart Schlandt as an addition to the actual Bach Choir. Since 2004 Steffen Schlandt has been the conductor of the Bach Youth Choir and of the Bach Choir. The singers have taken up a repertoire of sacred and secular music for 4-8 voices, from the Middle Ages to modern times. The approx. 20 members belong to 6 denominations and have 3 mother tongues.

The Bach Youth Choir has campaigned especially in Transylvania through raising the awareness for sacred music repertoire in concerts and has thus tackled musical pieces from the rich pool of the local musical tradition.

Two DVDs and three CDs have been created in the last couple of years. These comprise some unknown and forgotten works and bring them again in the light of the public view. At the same time, the Youth Bach Choir, by offering numerous charity concerts in support of restoration projects, points to the valuable and endangered Transylvanian organ scenery.

As a sign of appreciation, the choir was invited on tours in the country and abroad (München, Dresden, Zürich, Winterthur, Ulm, Stuttgart a.o.). The choir depicts the colourful cultural diversity of Transylvania and Romania.